Amoke is a female name derived from a Yoruba word meaning “to know her is to cherish her”.

Pronounced aa-MowKEH it is the pet name given to Dr Oluyemisi Adetunji-Badejo by her Father as she was his only daughter and the apple of his eye.

The Amoke Foundation is a charitable non-profit organisation set up in memory of Dr Yemisi who passed away due to complication from sickle cell disease (SCD).

10th April 1966 – 18th August 2010

Dr Oluyemisi Adetunji-Badejo


Affectionately known to her family as Amoke, Little ‘Y’ to her med-school classmates and Dr Yemisi to her patients and colleagues. She dedicated her life to helping others and our charity is passionate about continuing that drive by focusing on improving the quality of life of those living with the hereditary blood disorder SCD.

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